Nowhere/Tandem for culture (2015)

Nowhere is an exchange project Arts and dementia artists and project leaders of Equal Arts U.K. and Zona’s Kiosk/ Blik Bijzonder.
We wanted to work together because we have a similar passion about enabling older people to have access to creativity and work with artists in care settings. By developing this network we will be able to deliver better projects in local communities.

NowHere! reads as nowhere, the non-place to which people with dementia are relegated. NowHere! calls for the immediacy of a space for artists who work with people with dementia to create the here and now.

The NowHere! project will develop a creative space for artists working with people with dementia in care homes. It will provide the opportunity to share practice, reflect and learn from each other. It will bring artists together, from both organisations, which have the same mission but work in areas with different cultural backgrounds.